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Korea DAEHO brand global distributor of adhesives and UV equipment
Development, manufacturing and sales of optoelectronic materials and optical precision components
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Four Advantages of Mountain Optical Products
High Quality Raw Material Purchase Channel in Japan
  • product development

    To meet the needs of lens factories, we have specially developed inner hole chamfering angle 30-60 degrees, special-shaped diaphragm, surface convex and concave diaphragm (instead of ink coating) and so on.

  • Reliable quality

    Every product produced must pass strict testing, pass ISO9000-2008 and ISO14001 quality environment system certification, so that each product can be delivered to customers at ease.

  • Strong Technology

    Many years of production and development process has accumulated rich experience and technical reserves! Products can be guaranteed to reach tolerance range, with ultra-thin processing capacity.

  • Customer trust

    High-quality raw material supply channels, advanced production equipment and testing equipment, for reliable and low-cost products, become a strategic green partner of famous brand factories.

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  Dongguan YAMAGATA Optical Co. Ltd. was established in June 2006. It is a wholly-owned enterprise of Hong Kong Hengtai Group with a registered capital of 5 million yuan. It is mainly engaged in mobile phone cameras, core raw materials and precision components for optical machines. Products include: KIMOTO shading Circle, shading and matting injection molded parts, Mylar sheets, shutters, special high-precision die-cutting and stamping parts, etc., under the China Dongguan branch, Vietnam branch, Indonesia branch, Hong Kong office also agents of all types of imported optical raw materials, Accessories, chips, Mylar tablets, etc. The company has dozens of KIMOTO forming machines, inner hole extruding chamfering equipment, high-speed die-cutting equipment for backing, SEIBU slow wire, WASHINO light PG, MITUTOYO three yuan, NIKKON altimeter and...【see more】



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Dongguan YAMAGATA Optical Co. Ltd. 
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