The technical characteristics of the Mylar film


2023-02-15 14:35

  Technical characteristics

  It adopts imported ultra-thin optical special stainless steel, through independent research and development technology, the shading ring is subjected to special optical blackening and matting treatment, good electrical conductivity, double-sided matte, precise size, thickness up to 0.020, no light transmission, stable mechanical performance, high temperature resistance, Obtained a national invention patent. It is suitable for designing cameras, lenses, vehicles, etc., with more than 3 million yuan. It is a must-have for lens upgrades. It is an ideal replacement product for PET products and the best choice for your product upgrade.

  basic size:

  Name lens hood

  Material: SUS stainless steel 304

  Thickness: 0.02mm

  Trademark: sx

  Specifications: The minimum opening is 0.05mm, and the tolerance can be controlled to +-0.007