The significance of the shading ring for the camera


2023-02-15 14:35

  For travel photography, I don’t know how many friends already have such feelings: the camera must be light, the lens must be few, and the tripod must be carbon fiber, otherwise you will cry to death. Slightly modern travel photography, which has been generally classified as an ultra-simple camera equipment, is the kingly way. It is troublesome to change the lens during travel, and it is a nightmare for them to remove the hood to use it. Let’s not talk about the best way to travel the world or several fixed-focus modes today. Let’s use the visor to judge how much this seemingly insignificant thing will have on your photography, especially the part that has been looked down upon. Friends who use shading rings.

  What you should know about the shading ring

  The so-called light-shielding ring is of course a cover for light-shielding. There are many types of shading rings, but our most common ones are lotus, cylindrical and square. Many students who are just learning photography have purchased kit lenses without hoods. Probably because the entry-level kits are sold at low prices, the cost of multiple hoods will increase a lot. The hood is used to block the light, it can eliminate the harmful light entering the lens. Moreover, the hood is designed according to the unique optical performance of each lens. It is impossible for us to say which lens we like and buy the corresponding caliber for use. This is wrong. Only choose the lens according to the lens (original or sub-factory), but not choose the lens according to the lens.

  The main reason why the shading ring is rejected by some photographers is that they have tried to take a photo with and without the shading ring on the same occasion, and found that there is no difference at all. In addition, due to incorrect postures, certain iris rings often adjust the focus ring, iris ring, or anti-shake switch on the lens at the same time during the process of being screwed in, which affects the overall photography experience. For many troublesome photographers, especially novice photographers, the disassembly of the visor is really unbearable for them during the storage process of photographic equipment. Since the effect is "not great", why not just not use it?

  The difference between shading circle and without

  As long as you are a friend of photography, you should know the significance of light to the orientation of the object being photographed. In the case of smooth light, the shading ring is indeed dispensable. The point we need to pay attention to is that in the case of side light and side backlight, the role of the shading ring is highlighted. In most cases, the side light will not have a great impact on the imaging, but you need to pay more attention to the side backlight. Regardless of whether the light source is at the front side or the side back of the subject, as long as the light source and the camera have a backlight angle relationship, we need to use the light-shielding ring.

  What is the best way to say that the shading circle is good? There must be a basis!

  Shooting in daylight because of the large amount of light, the difference between using and without the shading ring on the ambient light is actually not that big. But once you get to a dimly lit place, such as at night, such as indoors, you can see the power of the shading ring at this time.

  Do you want to buy a visor?

  First of all, I would like to say that the shading ring is not a panacea. Don't think that as long as there is a shading ring, any glare ghosts can be eliminated. And some students said, after listening to the author, you said that the 18-55 set of camera lens I brought with me does not have a shading ring. Is it necessary to spend more than 100 yuan to buy an original factory? Regarding this question, I think it should be It depends on your own shooting subject in most situations, and it is necessary when the light is chaotic. The author’s experience tells you that in most cases, if you are particularly sensitive to glare and ghosting, and the lens itself is not coated with enough materials, no matter if you are shooting indoors or outdoors during the day or night, you must have a light-shielding ring.

  Most lenses will come with a visor when they are purchased. If you lose it, do you want to buy another one? After all, the original factory items cost hundreds of dollars. The author believes that, as a device required for the early stage of shooting in photography, although it looks very simple, it is still very practical. In fact, the difference between the third-party shading ring and the original factory is purely the difference in workmanship. If you are a good protection for any electronic product equipment, then a third-party shading ring that is several times cheaper will be your best choice.

  to sum up:

  Many friends habitually put the shading ring in the corner to eat ashes. I don’t know that the shading ring is of great significance to the protection of image quality without a test. As the author emphasized that the light-shielding ring is of varying degrees of importance in the subject matter of photography, if you are shooting night scene portraits in a subject where the car lights are clearly flowing, the light-shielding ring has to be brought even if it is troublesome. But if it is in the landscape photography of traveling out in broad daylight, the degree of use can be reduced. All the starting point of the photographer is to get the best picture quality. If you have experienced running around carrying several kilograms of photographic accessories, you will not think that the light-shielding circle is a trivial matter.