The properties of Mylar in application


2023-02-15 14:35

  Mylar sheets have good insulation properties and are used in the electronic and electrical product industry to protect the screens of electronic products and prevent them from being abraded or scratched. These are the main applications that are more common in our real life. It is precisely because of this that more and more people begin to realize its rich functions.

  In the application of Mylar tablets, some of them are interested in its wear resistance. When using it, because the material is heated and undergoes chemical exchange behavior, the film formed by stretching is very stable. . Therefore, it is more wear-resistant when in use, while ordinary films will easily scratch the screen due to external effects when in use. Another point is that it can be used as a good buffer. In the packaging of many products, it is considered that the product is vulnerable to impact and rupture during transportation, and the cushioning effect of mylar film better protects the whole product. This is applied in many products. It can be said that the current product has appeared more widely in many products, whether it is used as a buffer or as a protective film, it is very suitable.

  Nowadays, we can see Mylar tablets in many products. Some products are applied to their insulation properties, and some are used to have a good cushioning effect. In short, in actual applications, its application range is wide, and it plays a good role and value in the application process, so it is welcomed by the market.