Dongguan optical components manufactuter


2023-02-15 14:35

  1. Stainless steel copper oxidation blackening complies with national standard: SGS, American military standard MIL-C-13924 standard, appearance and corrosion resistance, conforms to national standard: GB/T15519-2002, ordnance industry standard: WJ535-82, German standard: DIN50938 . Wear resistance: better than Q/OJS0001-1995 standard. Products are used in medical equipment, key mechanical parts, military machinery, and sports equipment. 【Shading ring】

  2. The composite hardening treatment is mainly used for the surface hardening and anticorrosion of precision electronics and hardware. This technical feature can handle high-precision, easily deformable electronic parts, hardware, molds, mechanical parts, and the controllable deformation is within 4um. Deformation hardening, strong anti-corrosion technology.

  3. Digital cameras, mobile phones, car monitoring lenses, etc. use stainless steel, copper iris, product dimensions tolerance plus or minus 0.005MM, concentricity within plus or minus 0.01MM, developed and manufactured using Japanese high-tech technology, using ultra-thin stainless steel, copper materials Manufacture, using a special process to perform special optical dyeing and matting treatment on the shading sheet, good electrical conductivity, opaque, double-sided matte, precise size, good mechanical properties, good thermal stability, and high temperature resistance. Stainless steel and copper lens shading rings are mainly used for precision lenses with more than 3 million pixels. They are a must for high-definition lenses in the future and are ideal upgrade products for PE products. 【Shading ring】

  4. QPQ adopts the latest American technology, the products are free of sandblasting, no deformation, excellent appearance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance are greatly improved, and the quality is very good, leading the industry. 【Shading ring】

  5. Especially copper blackening treatment, stainless steel blackening treatment, QPQ salt bath treatment, etc. all adopt the company's latest technology, low cost, high quality, and processing fees are 20-80% lower than the same industry. (The company's products are now available. Exported to overseas countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc.)

  6. Stainless steel thin steel strip has matt black, matt black treatment, sandblasting of various workpieces, and shot blasting and polishing of aluminum parts.