The working principle of the shading ring


2023-02-15 14:35

  The working principle of the shading ring:

  Its principle is based on the principle of physical phenomena (small hole imaging), and the processing requirements are relatively strict. Therefore, the requirements for materials are also higher-level requirements.

  The company is the only domestic supplier of copper light-shielding rings for ultra-thin precision micro-optical lenses with independent knowledge rights. The material of the company is brass; the light-shielding ring is specially optically dyed and matted through independent research and development technology, and it has good electrical conductivity and double-sided. Frosted, precise size, thickness up to 0.05-0.10, no light transmission, stable mechanical performance, high temperature resistance, has obtained national invention patents, suitable for more than 3 million design cameras, lenses, vehicles, etc., lens upgrade essentials, it is PET The ideal renewal product of the product is the best choice for your product upgrade.