What is the role of Mylar tablets?


2023-02-15 14:35

  Mylar sheet has high strength, temperature difference resistance and excellent insulation properties, so it is widely used in electromechanical, electronic, information and communication fields. It has good dimensional stability at high temperatures, low thermal shrinkage, and maintains excellent flatness when heated. Features: high insulation strength, high voltage resistance, resistance to moisture, gas, high heat and chemical substances; low shrinkage, not easy to embrittlement and wear. It has dimensional stability, flatness and excellent tear strength, heat and cold resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and super insulation properties. It is widely used in the flexible circuit boards of automobile dashboards, motor slots, phases, wedges, game consoles, calculators, digital cameras and household appliances, as well as gaskets, files, shielding and protection of computer peripheral equipment.