What is the main function of Mylar tablets


2023-02-15 14:35

  Mylar film is a kind of polyester film, the English name MYLAR, can be used for motors,

  Coil, cable

  It can also be made into composite type with barley paper

  Has been widely used in the electrical insulation industry, suitable for electronics, household appliances, meters, displays, motor slots, computers and peripheral equipment

  File sheet, screen and protection function.

  PET polyester film is a biaxially stretched film formed by heating dimethyl terephthalate and ethylene glycol with the help of related catalysts, through transesterification and vacuum polycondensation. Mylar sheet has dimensional stability, straightness and excellent tear strength, heat and cold resistance, moisture resistance, water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, and has super insulation properties, excellent electrical, mechanical, heat resistance, and chemical resistance.

  The so-called light-shielding Mylar sheet is made of light-shielding polyester film (SOMA double matte black PET), which is stamped and formed. The formed shading Mylar sheet.

  The finished Mylar is often used for the lens shading part and the camera shading. It is used for insulating gaskets, tapes, leaflets, etc. The manufacturing environment must be a dust-free workshop.