Fixing the visor ring of mobile phone lens


2023-02-15 14:35

  The shading ring on the traditional lens is controlled by the aperture leaf, and the reduction of the aperture leaf can reduce the amount of light entering the photosensitive element, thereby controlling the depth of field and image quality of the picture. However, on the mobile phone, due to the size, the lens of the current mobile device cannot adopt the traditional aperture leaf structure, so the current shielding ring of the mobile phone is fixed.

  In the past, we have found in many domestic mobile phone reviews that many manufacturers have adopted aggressive f/2.0 or even f/1.8 apertures. The usability of the night picture has indeed improved, but we found that the picture quality is not as good as the lens aperture under sufficient light. IPhone 4s with f/2.4.

  Some big manufacturers do not use the lens group with the largest aperture now, of course, it is not because of lack of money. Large aperture is of course a good gimmick and has certain advantages in poor light environments, but it will bring about loose edges of the picture and deterioration of picture quality.

  In fact, these problems will also appear on traditional cameras, and at this time camera users usually adopt the approach of "shrinking the aperture". For example, for a lens with an aperture of f/1.4, to obtain better image quality, the aperture may have to be reduced to f/2.8, and the best image quality may even be reduced to f/5.6. And the smaller the aperture, the deeper the depth of field, so the film will be more solid.

  However, with the development of technology, the micro lens group on mobile devices will soon have the ability to adjust the aperture.