About the installation method and precautions of the shading ring


2023-02-15 14:35

  The shading ring plays a role of shading, such as the shading ring of the mobile phone lens and the lens shading ring of the camera lens. It is a piece of Mylar sheet that is stamped with SOMA shading material and embedded in the lens. Because of the shading function, everyone calls it Shading ring, shading gasket.

  How to install the shading ring:

  (1) Place the camera upside down.

  (2) Hook the hook into the lens hood adapter.

  (3) Push the lens hood.

  (4) Align the marks as shown in the figure.

  (5) Fix the screws. Check whether the screws are fastened, and then install the lens hood.

  (6) Do not fasten the screws too tightly.

  Precautions for the installation of the shading ring:

  1. When using the flash to take pictures with the lens hood installed, the lower part of the photo may turn black (vignetting effect), and the flash control may also be disabled because the lens hood will darken the flash of the photo .

  2. Details on how to install the MC protector and ND filter.

  3. It can prevent the entry of non-imaging light and avoid fog when shooting in backlight, side light or flash photography.

  4. If the attached accessories are lost, please consult the dealer or your nearest service center.

  5. When using the AF auxiliary lamp in a dark place, remove the lens hood.

  6. In lighting photography or night photography, it can prevent the surrounding interference light from entering the lens.

  7. It can prevent accidental damage to the lens, and it can also prevent fingers from accidentally touching the surface of the lens. It can also shield the lens from wind, sand, rain and snow to some extent.