Do you know what KIMOTO is


2023-02-15 14:35

  KIMOTO's high-performance films, including high-reflection films, diffusion films, anti-reflection films, high-hardness anti-glare films, light adjustment films, release films, etc.

  Products are widely used in LCD Module/LED backlights, color screen mobile phones, LCD liquid crystal displays, PDAs, plasma TVs, computers, etc.

  Application aspects of KIMOTO:

  1. The washer/gasket and aperture of the lens of the mobile phone set;

  2. Cameras, gaskets/shims and apertures of camera lenses;

  3. Viewfinder, the surface of the shutter;

  4. Shutter of LED light source projector, etc.

  KIMOTO's main business:

  ① GIS (Geographic Information System) data processing, database construction and software development business.

  ② DTP (computer plate making) pre-press design and production.

  ③ Production, sales, import and export of equipment for surveying and mapping, printing and advertising. Mainly include: Seeba series rear projection display, DILAD rear projection polyester projection screen, ORIS COLOR TUNER digital proofing software, Greta Macbeth-reflective densitometer, spectrophotometer, etc.

  ④ Graphic business: digital copying (black and white/color), digital printing (black and white/color), bid binding; digital printing, CAD drawing, large image output, large image copying, printing; scanning and filing, decorative design, display design, Advertising design, exhibition board production; digital proofing, rendering output, magazine cover output, photo printing and mounting; CTP plate making; sales of various advertising materials and products.