What's the function of the shading ring?


2023-02-15 14:35

  The light-shielding ring plays a role of light-shielding, such as the light-shielding ring of the mobile phone lens and the light-shielding ring of the camera lens. It is stamped and formed with SOMA shading material, and a piece of Mylar inlaid in the lens. Because it plays a role in shading, so people call it shading ring, shading gasket. Its principle is based on the principle of physical phenomenon (small hole imaging), and the processing requirements are relatively strict. Therefore, the requirements for materials are also high-level requirements. The Japanese SOMA shading material is basically used in the market, which is a double matte black. PET.

  Do I need a light-shielding ring to shoot on cloudy days:

  1 Decide on the correct shutter speed according to the light to avoid blurring. If the sky is too cloudy, you may need to increase it to ensure the shutter speed.

  2 There is also a backlight problem on cloudy days, so be careful when shooting.

  3 When shooting on a cloudy day, the light is softer, but at the same time it lacks sunlight and shadows. Compared with shooting under sunlight, the photo will lack gradation and not be transparent enough.


  What is the use of the shading ring:

  The function of the iris is to prevent stray light from entering the lens to eliminate haze, and improve the clarity and color reproduction of imaging. The main purposes are as follows:

  1. It can prevent the entry of non-imaging light and avoid fog when shooting in backlight, side light or flash photography;

  2. It can avoid the surrounding scattered light from entering the lens when shooting with forward light and side light;

  3. In lighting photography or night photography, it can prevent the surrounding interference light from entering the lens;

  4. The visor ring can also prevent accidental damage to the lens, and can also prevent fingers from accidentally touching the surface of the lens, and to some extent shield the lens from wind, sand, rain and snow.