What are the requirements of KIMOTO for the diffusion film coating machine


2023-02-15 14:35

  Japan KIMOTO film is divided into light-shielding film, high-reflection film, diffusion film, anti-reflection film, high-hardness anti-glare film, light-adjusting film, leaving film, etc. according to the type. Products are widely used in LCD MODULE, LED backlight, color screen mobile phone, LCD liquid crystal display, PDA, plasma TV, computer, etc.


  Kimoto's overall requirements for diffusion film coating machines are:

  1. Reasonable structure and size: There are many coating methods for the coating machine. At present, there are three main types used on the diffusion film coating machine, namely, doctor roll coating, metering roll coating and spray coating. The design is the specific coating method used, which depends on the nature, viscosity and solid content of the glue used.

  2. Higher precision and surface quality requirements: the diffusion film coating machine we are talking about belongs to the category of precision coating machine. Since the diffuser film is an optical film with high transparency, when it is coated, the thickness is slightly uneven in some parts, and the defect of different light and dark on the film can be seen immediately by the eyes.

  3. Meet the requirements for use in the purification workshop: the product quality requirements produced by the diffusion film coating machine determine that the diffusion film coating machine must be produced in the purification workshop.

  4. Simple operation and stable quality: the total length of the diffusion film coating machine is 20~40m, the operator is 3~5, the motors are many and scattered, and the speed, gap, pressure, temperature, tension, side-to-side, etc. can be adjusted in a large amount If there is no simple and reliable operation control system to bear most of the work, it is impossible to produce smoothly.