Under what circumstances should the hood of a SLR camera be used?


2023-02-15 14:35

  ​Shading ring is to play a role in shading, for example, mobile phone lens shading ring, camera lens shading ring. It is stamped and formed with SOMA shading material, and a piece of Mylar inlaid in the lens. Because it plays a role in shading, so people call it shading ring, shading gasket.

  Under what circumstances should the hood of the SLR camera be used:

  1. The light-shielding ring should be used when the camera is in a backlit or side backlit position for shooting. In addition, it is best to use it when shooting outdoors.

  2. The function of the shading ring has the following two aspects.

  1) Block the surrounding light to prevent lens flare. When shooting under backlight or side backlight, lens flare will occur because part of the light directly enters the lens. In order to avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to use a hood to block the surrounding light from directly entering the lens.

  2) Protect the lens from accidental damage. When shooting in the field or in a noisy and chaotic environment, accidental collisions with the lens may occur. After using the lens hood, you can protect the lens, avoid or reduce damage to the lens caused by bumps.

  3. Lenses of different brands and models will use different specifications of hoods. These hoods have different shapes, sizes, and inner walls, and they are generally not interchangeable. Therefore, when using the hood, you should pay attention to using the original or recommended hood of the manufacturer, otherwise it is very likely that it will not work as it should, and in serious cases, dark corners will be generated around the photo.