Teach you how to choose the role of the visor


2023-02-15 14:35

  The so-called light-shielding ring is of course a cover for light-shielding. There are many types of shading rings, but our most common ones are lotus, cylindrical and square. Many students who are just learning photography have purchased kit lenses without hoods. Probably because the entry-level kits are sold at low prices, the cost of multiple hoods will increase a lot.


  How to choose the role of the shading ring?

  1. The hood is also one of the most popular accessories that consumers buy. The hood can reduce the intrusion of some stray light on the imaging during shooting. Nowadays, the standard accessories of the telephoto DC on the market usually have a hood included, but purchase Friends with manual portable cameras may not enjoy this special policy.

  2. It is best to bring the DC with you when you buy the lens ring, because some too long lens hoods will form 4 obvious vignetting corners when using the light angle end of the lens.

  3. Therefore, it is best to use a petal-type hood for DCs with wide angles. For other DCs, you can use a ring-type hood, as well as a foldable soft rubber hood that can adjust the length of the hood between the two.

  4. There are many sizes of the visor ring, and the one that matches the focal length of the lens should be selected. The shorter the focal length of the lens, the larger the angle of view and the shorter the hood. If the hood of a standard lens is used on a wide-angle lens, it will inevitably produce the consequence that the image around the screen cannot be imaged.

  5. On the contrary, it cannot play the role of shading. When using a zoom lens, it is best to be equipped with a self-use retractable lens hood.

  6. The light-shielding ring is widely used in backlight photography, generally speaking, it can avoid glare. However, if the light source is close, glare may still occur.

  7. At this time, you can use your hand to block the iris on the side where the light source is located. Whether the glare is eliminated, you must observe it clearly in the viewfinder.