Take a look at the 4 precautions for the hood


2023-02-15 14:35

  1. There are many sizes of hoods, you should choose the one that matches the focal length of the lens. Be sure to confirm the size before buying or bring the camera directly to match it!

  2. It should also be noted that the shorter the focal length of the lens, the larger the viewing angle, and the shorter the hood. If the hood of a standard lens is used on a wide-angle lens, it will inevitably result in the result that the image around the screen cannot be imaged. On the contrary, it cannot play the role of the lens hood. When using a zoom lens, it is best to use a self-use retractable lens hood.

  3. Lens hoods are widely used in backlight photography. Generally speaking, glare can be avoided. However, if the light source is close, glare may still occur. At this time, you can use your hand to block the hood on the side of the light source to see if the glare is eliminated , Observe clearly from the viewfinder.

  When using the hood, you should take into account the factors that it works in coordination with the flash, because sometimes the former often blocks part of the light of the flash.

  4. The lens hood is used to reduce the glare interference caused by the stray light from outside the shooting area, so it can only be used on the lens whose front end does not rotate when focusing.


  Generally speaking, the longer the hood, the better the effect of blocking stray light. However, if the flat lens hood is too long, it will block the four corners of the screen. The position of the flower petal cover corresponding to the four corners of the screen is recessed inward, which can "keep away" the light from the four corners of the screen. The petals are equivalent to extending a section of the hood forward, which can provide a better shielding effect than the round-mouth hood.