What is the function of the camera lens hood?


2023-02-15 14:35

  The lens hood is installed on the front of the lens to block the external light in the photo. In addition, it also helps to protect the lens from damage, in case you accidentally hit it, as long as you put a simple accessory on the lens, you can greatly improve the image quality and extend the life of the lens itself.

  1. The hood can minimize glare

  The main purpose of the hood is to reduce the amount of glare that appears in the image. If you have ever taken photos in bright light, you may experience glare and glare even if the light source is outside your frame. Especially if you are using a low-cost filter, or your lens does not have an advanced anti-reflection coating. Some lenses are more susceptible to glare than others. The good news is that the lens hood can help.

  2. The hood increases the contrast

  The hood not only prevents large areas of glare and image discoloration. They can also improve the contrast and color in the photo. If used properly, the hood will not damage the image quality even if there is no direct sunlight. Keep in mind that any random light source may cause the image contrast to drop.

  Third, the hood can protect the lens from damage

  In addition to improving image quality, another main purpose of using a lens hood is to protect the lens from impact, scratches, fingerprints and other damage.

  The lens hood also helps prevent debris from entering the front of the camera lens, which is especially useful when shooting in rain or snow.

  Fourth, the type of hood

  So far, two main types of lenses can be used: petals and cylindrical.

  Petal hoods look more interesting-but why do they have this shape? Since the camera's sensor is rectangular, the design of the petal hood is perfect; its grooves make it possible to maximize the space in the four corners of the image. This also means that you need to mount it perfectly on the lens.

  Cylindrical hoods have a simpler design and are usually not so easy to use. But it cannot be said with certainty that the cylindrical lens hood is not necessarily good. Many telephoto lenses, especially ordinary lenses, use cylindrical lens hoods.