What are the materials of insulating gaskets? Let's talk together!


2023-02-15 14:35

  Insulating gasket is a kind of flexible thermal conductive material, which has been widely used for gap filling between heating element and heat dissipation element. In addition to the function of interface heat transfer, it can also play the role of insulation, shock absorption and tolerance, etc. . The heat-conducting gasket can effectively increase the heat dissipation area, so it can achieve a good heat dissipation purpose.


  What are the insulating gasket materials:

  1. PET insulating gasket

  There are several major brands of PET film series such as DuPont, Toray, etc. The thickness is generally between 0.025MM and 0.5MM, and the common colors are transparent, black, translucent, milky white, etc. After being processed and formed by die-cutting manufacturers, the PET insulating sheet is widely used in electronic appliances, motors, communications and other industries. It plays a role in insulation, wear resistance, shading, and protection in various products.

  2. Nylon insulating gasket

  Nylon sheet has high tensile strength and impact toughness, good wear resistance and lubrication resistance, good electrical insulation and chemical resistance. The punched nylon insulation sheet is used in motors, electronic appliances, etc. It can be processed into various specifications of meson gaskets according to customer requirements. Common varieties are PA6 and PA66.

  3. PC insulating gasket

  PC material has flame retardancy, wear resistance, oxidation resistance, etc. It also has these advantages and properties after die-cutting processing. Due to the superior performance and advantages of PC material, its application range is quite wide.

  4. Highland barley paper

  Features: Good insulation, flexibility, water resistance, abrasion resistance, grease resistance, aging resistance, and a good gap blocking material. 8. Car mufflers, sound-absorbing and heat-insulating materials for exhaust pipes;