Do you know the different materials of Mylar and what are the materials?


2023-02-15 14:35

  The appearance of Mylar tablets has many color classifications such as milky white, black, natural color, and transparent color. Mylar flakes are divided into various materials, such as PET Mylar flakes, PVC Mylar flakes, PC Mylar flakes, fireproof Mylar flakes and so on.

  The materials of Mylar tablets and their constituent materials:

  The main constituent materials of Mylar tablets are dimethyl phthalate and ethylene glycol. These two chemical substances generate new substances under the action of related catalysts. The forming process of Mylar sheet (MYLAR sheet) film is a film formed by heating with the assistance of related catalysts, through transesterification and vacuum polycondensation, and biaxially stretched. Nowadays, it has been applied to many fields. It can be said that it has suddenly emerged and successfully occupied the market. What are the advantages of this material to achieve such a good result in a short period of time?

  First of all, there are many kinds of colors. The general protective film material is a single color, and it can be said to be colorful; secondly, the types are dizzying, each has unique advantages, and the diversified types can make enterprises When choosing, make the most suitable choice according to your own needs;

  Finally, there are excellent properties. Due to special processing techniques such as heating, transesterification, vacuum compression and biaxial stretching, Mylar tablets possess extremely stable chemical properties: wear resistance, temperature resistance, water resistance and corrosion, etc. , One of the biggest advantages is insulation. These advantages make it flourish in various industries.

  Relying on its excellent insulation properties, Mylar sheet successfully "smashed" into the electronic industry market, quickly replaced traditional protective materials, and became a complete set of armed "protective films" for electronic products. Nowadays, with the rapid popularity of mainstream products such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, the future development prospects of Mylar tablets are far more than that.