Dongguan Yamagata Optical Co., Ltd. tells you that a shading ring is also needed for cloudy days.


2023-02-15 14:35

  The shading ring is to play a role in shading, for example, mobile phone lens shading ring, camera lens shading ring. It is stamped and formed with SOMA shading material, and a piece of Mylar inlaid in the lens. Because it plays a role in shading, so people call it shading ring, shading gasket. The principle of the shading ring is based on the principle of physical phenomenon (small hole imaging), and the processing requirements are relatively strict. Therefore, the requirements for materials also have a higher level of demand.

  I think it’s dark and cloudy, so you don’t need a light-shielding ring, but that’s not the case. Here’s an explanation for you:

  1. Decide on the correct shutter speed according to the light, and avoid blur. If the sky is too cloudy, it may need to be increased to ensure the shutter speed.

  2. Backlight problems also exist in cloudy days, so find a good shooting angle when shooting.

  3. When shooting in cloudy days, the light is relatively soft, but at the same time it lacks sunlight and shadows. Compared with shooting under sunlight, the photos will lack gradation and not transparent enough. This is not easy to change, but we can change the shooting angle, shooting composition, shooting creativity, and we can also take different photos.