What are the functions and precautions of the SLR lens hood?


2023-02-15 14:35

  A lens is composed of multiple lenses, and each lens has two reflective surfaces. Then, if you count it, a lens has multiple reflective surfaces. The more reflective surfaces, the greater the impact on the lens, especially In the case of backlit shooting, a halo will be formed, which will affect the shot picture, may cause different degrees of color spots on the shot picture, or make the shooting effect bad. If you do not use the SLR hood when using the SLR, the shot will be unclear.

  Reliable quality SLR light-shielding ring, its inner wall is designed with multiple extinction treatments. Such a processing design makes the reflectance of the inner wall of the SLR shading ring only about 10%. The SLR hood can prevent halos and stray light from entering the lens. It can also block rain and snow to protect the camera and the lens. The use of SLR hoods can fully achieve the lens optical effect and make the photos taken. The color is fuller.

  When choosing to use the SLR visor, it must match the focal length of the lens, and its size must be determined before buying, so as not to be unable to use it after buying the SLR visor. The SLR iris can only be used on a lens whose front end does not rotate during focusing. In addition, the longer the SLR shielding ring, the better the stray light shielding effect. Usually when we use the SLR shading ring, we must take into account the factors that it works in coordination with the flash.