Selection and use of Mylar tablets


2023-02-15 14:35

Although the light-shielding spacer and Mylar lens are very small parts in the CMOS lens, they play a very important role in determining the image clarity, aperture size, optical focus and many other optical parameters. Many factories consider it to be inconspicuous. Small things, random selection of suppliers, even without serious assessment of the supplier’s quality system, mass production capacity, and technical strength. As a result, the lens FLARE (light and shadow), black spots, offset and other quality abnormalities occur from time to time, and they are scrapped. It's not just a small piece of light-shielding washer, but the entire finished lens. It's really a small loss that is not worth the loss. At present, among the lenses of IPHONE, SAMSUMG, and HUAWEI, their high-definition lenses are made of Japanese original high-end shading materials such as KIMOTO or blackened matt stainless steel. At the same time, in order to eliminate mechanical stray light such as FLARE, the inner wall of the inner hole must be chamfered and merged. Hole frosting and matting treatment. In addition, in order to cooperate with lens research and development, special processing is also necessary for the ultra-precision machining of the inner hole and R angle control. Especially for the problem of BURR, which has the most quality problems, it must be used " Fully automatic enlargement of 100X photographic monitoring and identification system" to ensure the outflow of defective products "0".