What is the role of the shading ring


2023-02-15 14:35

The function of the shading ring is to adjust the focal length. The thickness of the focusing screw is to adjust the lift of the lens barrel.

The iris is used to adjust the brightness. The size of the iris on the hood can also be adjusted. The size of the iris can control the brightness. If the light is weak, turn it up, and if the light is strong, turn it down.

Adjust the light angle The light angle is adjusted by the mirror, not the function of the iris.

Section image clarity The image clarity is mainly adjusted by the fine quasi-focus spiral, not the function of the iris.

Viewfinder composition, used to observe and determine which scenes are taken into the screen , verify focus, verify the accuracy of focus , view multiple shooting information, display aperture value, shutter speed, exposure indicator, number of shots, etc. on the edge of the viewfinder frame .

The shading ring is very bright, which is helpful for framing and focusing in low-light situations, with low noise and not easy to interfere with the subject. The iris is used to control the amount of exposure, that is, the size of the aperture will directly affect the depth of field of the subject or the background is completely visible; or the depth of field is very shallow, making the blurred part of the photo appear, giving the photo a three-dimensional effect.