Manufacturing method of Kimoto shading ring and miniature lens


2023-02-15 14:35

With the development of mobile phone camera technology, the requirements for mobile phone lenses are getting higher and higher. The existing mobile phone lenses are generally composed of a combination of multiple lenses. In order to block excess light, a kimoto iris is installed between the lenses.

The assembly diagram of the existing mobile phone lens and the exploded view of the existing mobile phone lens shown in FIG. The second lens 4, the second shading ring 5, and the third lens 6. When taking a picture, the light enters the lens along the third lens 6, the second shading ring 5, the second lens 4, the first shading ring 3, and the first lens 2. The second light-shielding ring 5 and the first light-shielding ring 3 sequentially filter out excess light. The first light-shielding ring 3 and the second light-shielding ring 5 have the same structure, but the size specifications are slightly different.