What are the main constituent materials of Mylar tablets?


2023-02-15 14:35

As we all know, in order to prolong the life of electronic products, their surface will be covered with something similar to "protective film", which looks like plastic products, but in fact, this material is Mylar sheet. Today, it has been applied to many fields, it can be described as a sudden emergence, and it has successfully occupied the market. What are the advantages of this material to achieve such a good result in a short period of time?

Mylar tablets are mainly composed of dimethyl phthalate and ethylene glycol. These two chemical substances produce new substances under the action of related catalysts. Mylar tablets have many advantages, and these advantages make it popular in various industries. First of all, there are many kinds of colors. The general protective film material is a single color, and it can be said to be colorful; secondly, the types are dizzying, each has unique advantages, and the diversified types can make enterprises When choosing, make the most suitable choice according to your own needs; the last is the excellent properties. Due to the special processing techniques of heating, transesterification, vacuum compression and biaxial stretching, Mylar tablets are therefore very stable. Chemical properties: wear resistance, temperature resistance, water and corrosion resistance, etc., the biggest advantage of which is insulation.

With its excellent insulation properties, Mylar sheet successfully "smashed" into the electronic industry market, quickly replaced traditional protective materials, and became a full-armed "protective film" for electronic products. Nowadays, with the rapid popularization of mainstream products such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, the future development prospects of Mylar tablets can be described as bright and exciting.