How big is the gap between a mobile phone camera equipped with a light-shielding ring and a SLR


2023-02-15 14:35

In the past two years, mobile phone manufacturers often claimed that their flagship phones are comparable to SLRs in taking pictures. However, after netizens and consumers complained about it, there are basically no mobile phone manufacturers using the marketing vocabulary comparable to SLRs to promote their mobile phones. So why? Can't it be comparable to SLR? Where is the gap? [shielding ring]

One of the core functions of mobile phones that has remained unchanged since its birth is communication. With the development of the mobile phone industry, the integration of mobile phones has become higher and higher. The addition of cameras to mobile phones also allows mobile phones to have more functionality. An additional function of the mobile phone, the body design is destined to not reserve too much space for the camera, so in terms of size, the camera of the mobile phone is much smaller than the single-shot. 【Shading ring】

In the past two years, some manufacturers have specially made camera phones. On the basis of the original models, a huge camera is added to meet the needs of different people for taking pictures, while adding a huge camera will sacrifice the thinness of the mobile phone. , Making the phone thicker and heavier. Because the sensor of the camera of the mobile phone is very small, the gap with the SLR is very large, so it is a bit difficult for the camera to be comparable to the SLR. 【Shading ring】

Although mobile phone cameras are not comparable to SLRs, mobile phones still have a skill in certain camera gameplay. The current dual-camera mobile phones already support 2x optical zoom, and also support the background blur function. The background blur is achieved through software algorithms. Yes, but the background bokeh ability is indeed similar to the large aperture effect of the SLR. In a word, it is very difficult for a mobile phone camera to be comparable to a SLR, but in terms of camera gameplay, a mobile phone camera can still be comparable to a SLR. 【Shading ring】