Can a mobile phone camera with a light-shielding ring shoot stars?


2023-02-15 14:35

Many mobile phone manufacturers have introduced the camera functions in a wild, and once a certain brand impressed countless consumers with the ad slogan "mobile phone that can shoot stars", so that everyone subconsciously thinks that only this brand phone can shoot stars. Actually otherwise, as long as the corresponding parameters are set correctly, you can also use the Thousand Yuan machine to shoot the stars you want. 【Shading ring】

Today, I will show you how to set these seemingly advanced professional mode parameters.

ISO: the sensitivity. If the light is dark, turn it up, and vice versa. Of course, if there is a loss, there is a gain. High sensitivity will reduce the shutter speed, and low sensitivity will make the picture delicate, just appropriate. Shading ring

S: the exposure time. The longer the exposure time, the more light will come in, generally in darker scenes. If you need to expose for a long time, you need to fix the phone, otherwise it will cause the picture to be blurred. You can use mobile phone holders, lazy phone holders, tripods, etc. It is recommended to use a smaller tripod, which can be used in multiple scenarios and is convenient to carry. You can buy it with a certain treasure. Generally, you can buy it in 20 or 30. It is not recommended to buy too expensive , After all, everyone is not professional. 【Shading ring】

EV: the exposure value. If the light of the shooting scene is too strong, then increase, if it is too dark, then increase.

AF: the focus method. AF: Auto focus. MF: Manual focus. AF-S: Single focus, suitable for shooting still life. AF-C: Continuous focus, suitable for shooting moving subjects

AWB: White balance. There will be a large color difference between the object and the actual color under different lighting. You can use this button to manually adjust it according to the actual situation. 【Shading ring】