Precautions for Die-cutting Mylar Tablets


2023-02-15 14:35

Mylar flakes products are actually not unfamiliar to us. If you have a certain understanding of the die-cutting processing industry, then you will have an understanding of mylar flakes. In fact, it is used in many products in our lives. , Mylar sheet products are now widely used in the electrical insulation industry, suitable for electronics, household appliances, meters, displays, motor slots, gaskets, barriers, screens and protection for computers and peripheral equipment. For example, our mobile phones and our computer monitors, as well as many tablet computers and notebooks nowadays, require the use of Mylar tablets.

In fact, Mylar flakes are just a general term that can be divided into PET Mylar flakes, PVC Mylar flakes, PC Mylar flakes, etc. according to the material; the colors of Mylar flakes are white, black, natural color, transparent color, etc. Mylar sheet material is relatively hard, its size is stable, heat-resistant, cold-resistant, moisture-resistant and chemically resistant, and has super insulation properties, excellent electrical, mechanical, heat-resistant, and chemical-resistant properties.

Therefore, before die-cutting, consider the hardness of the Mylar sheet material that needs to be die-cut, and then select the appropriate die-cutting die according to the hardness of the Mylar sheet. Generally, harder Mylar sheet materials are more likely to damage the die during the die-cutting process, causing the die to break or be directly scrapped. Generally, mylar sheet material is relatively hard, so before choosing a die-cutting die, we must first consider rubber sheets and imported knives. Rubber sheets are harder than wood, and imported knives are more wear-resistant and have a longer lifespan than domestic knives. The pull-tab material is thicker and harder, so you should consider using a metal mold for die-cutting.

In addition, after selecting the die-cutting die, according to the size of the die-cutting die, the Mylar sheet material is cut into corresponding specifications and then die-cutting. During the die-cutting process of Mylar flakes, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the die-cutting product has residual glue, whether it is not cut or the release paper is cut, etc., die-cutting and production according to customer requirements, if it does not meet customer requirements, it will be considered It is a substandard product, so during each die-cutting process, the produced products should be checked at all times to ensure the quality of the die-cut processed products.

Regardless of the die-cutting processing of any material, it is necessary to select the die-cutting processing mold according to the material material, and then according to the material material. When die-cutting products, attention should be paid to all aspects of the details, as well as well-equipped die-cutting equipment and a skilled die-cutting master. This will be a very good basis for die-cutting products.