kimoto Shenzhen agent


2023-02-15 14:35

Dongguan Yamagata Optical Co., Ltd. is a direct agent of Japan's KIMOTO company in mainland China. The source of the goods is authentic, the quality is reliable, and the most complete product information can be provided.

Japan KIMOTO film is divided into light-shielding film, high-reflection film, diffusion film, anti-reflection film, high-hardness anti-glare film, light-adjusting film, leaving film, etc. by type.

Products are widely used in LCD MODULE, LED backlight, color screen mobile phone, LCD liquid crystal display, PDA, plasma TV, computer, etc.

According to the type and function, it can be roughly divided into the following categories:

1) KIMOTO matte PET such as N30 N60 N60A;

2) KIMOTO hardened PET (ITO)

For TP surface layer, it has the characteristics of low rainbow, anti-fingerprint, good optical adhesive bonding effect, electroplating, and good silk-screen printing effect. It has two kinds of double-sided hardening and single-sided hardening.

3) Diffusion and reflection film

LIGHT-UPL diffusion film is a diffusion film developed for LCD backlight unit. The reflective film is designed for the reflective purpose of the LCD rear light frame.

4) KIMOTO shading material

Compared with the same type of products, the unique process has the following salient features:

A. Excellent shading performance, more than 4.0 can completely shading

B. Excellent conductivity, strong anti-static property

C. It is easy to punch, so the pressure on the mold is small, which can increase the life of the mold and reduce the processing cost

D. The friction coefficient is very low, which can effectively save power when used in the aperture and shutter group