What is the function of the texture on mylar sheet


2023-02-15 14:35

When using mylar sheets, we will find some strange textures appear on some mylar sheets, and what are the effects of these textures? Why do they not exist on other insulating materials? In fact, there are indeed some in the fields of life and industry. Insulating materials will deliberately add some external textures, the existence of these textures must have its existence value. Below, we briefly explain their special role.

The reason why the texture appears on the Mylar sheet is actually the main purpose is to improve the wear resistance of the surface of the insulating material. Because in the process of production and use, ordinary insulating materials are not highly wear-resistant, so they usually have been severely scratched and rubbed before they are placed inside the product, and because of these materials All need logistics and transportation. If the protection is not good, the surface is easily damaged. In this way, the intact insulation materials will be scrapped. Therefore, in order to further improve the efficiency of product use, many smart manufacturers now add texture to the surface of these insulating materials. After the texture is added, the insulating material can be given higher wear resistance; in this way, the product can cope with all the harsher friction and collision factors, and further ensure the efficiency of use.

These mylar sheets with texture added on the surface have now been widely used on some led materials as combined parts. With the aid of texture, the quality of the material becomes more high-end, and it can assist the assembly equipment to exert better performance.