How to reduce the scrap rate of Mylar tablets?


2023-02-15 14:35

Most Mylar film manufacturers, when they produce insulating materials, there is a parameter that has always been high, and this parameter is the scrap rate of the material. If the scrap rate is high, then it proves that the waste of material resources is relatively high, which is not conducive to the company's embarking on the path of environmentally friendly production; on the other hand, it will also increase the burden on manufacturers and promote production into a vicious cycle stage. Therefore, manufacturers must learn how to reduce the scrap rate of materials so that they can maintain their long-term development.

At the beginning of the production of Mylar tablets, there may be scrap products. It is often because the equipment was not properly debugged at the beginning, or the technicians did not take the correct steps to deal with the work, so the waste products are therefore And produced. It is recommended that you can use suitable equipment before production and use the correct processing technology to reduce the scrap rate. In addition, during the production process, if the equipment suddenly stops working, and some congestion problems occur at the same time, it will also become one of the reasons for the occurrence of waste products. Therefore, technicians must pay attention to controlling the production steps of each link during the production process, and have a strict monitoring of the adjustment of various parameters, so as to avoid the increase in the scrap rate.

In actual production, because the scrap rate is high, the mylar tablet enterprises need to pay more labor to clean the waste. This will also become one of the indirect causes of the high scrap rate; more serious is that it will increase the burden on the enterprise, and Reduce corporate profits; therefore, the scrap rate must be controlled.