Customization of Mylar Tablets


2023-02-15 14:35

In the process of making Mylar sheet, our company can actually customize it to different thicknesses according to the different needs of customers. We know that when most of the Mylar tablets are in production, generally speaking, they are rolled one by one, so that it is relatively convenient for customers in the process of using them. Moreover, Mylar tablets will have their own different characteristics. When we are purchasing, we can choose according to our own needs. But few customers know that in the process of customizing Mylar tablets, they can actually request their thickness. We can not only customize its shape, but also the thickness.

However, we must know that during the production process of Mylar tablets, due to the particularity of its raw materials, the overall standard of its thickness will definitely be limited. It is not that we can increase its thickness indefinitely. Generally speaking, the thickness of the thinnest Mylar sheet is about 0.025 mm, so the thickness of the thickest Mylar sheet can reach 1.5 mm. So if we want to customize the thinner mylar sheet or the thicker mylar sheet, it is basically difficult to customize it according to our needs. Because in this way, there are many processes in the production process, and there is no way to do it. Therefore, when customizing Mylar tablets, we can customize the Mylar tablets that we need in a certain range.