The relationship between the light-shielding circle and the depth of field in the camera


2023-02-15 14:35

The light-shielding ring plays a role in blocking the light in the camera, so what is the relationship between the use of the light-shielding ring and the depth of field? Let me introduce it to everyone.

During shooting, different image effects can be obtained by selecting large and small shading circles according to different subjects. Use a large opaque ring to get a very small depth of field photographic picture. For example, with a large aperture of F1.8, a small depth of field can be shot, and the scene before and after the focus point will be blurred. With the small aperture of F22, a very large depth of field can be taken, and the wide range of depth of field before and after the focus is very clear. In reality, when people see things blurred, they will squint their eyes so that they can see clearly. When people’s eyes are squinted, they can see clearly. When people’s eyes are squinted, they are equivalent to shrinking. The aperture increases the depth of field.

There are two reasons for using a large aperture to shoot: First, in a low-light environment, we need a larger aperture to allow the lens to obtain more light in order to minimize the exposure time (because handheld shooting will produce hand shake, Even if you use a tripod, a long exposure time will increase noise); second, you need to use different depths of field to obtain different image effects. With a large aperture and a small depth of field, you can achieve the purpose of blurring the background and foreground, and then highlight the subject to be expressed .

From the theory of composition, painting is an addition, adding various elements starting from white paper, while photography is a subtraction, and it is necessary to eliminate things that interfere with the subject as much as possible. For things that cannot be eliminated, you can blur them out with a small depth of field. When taking photos of grassland, sea and other landscapes, the panorama should be taken clearly. Xu yo ah try to use a small aperture to get a sharper photo effect.