Introduce the product information content of Mylar tablets


2023-02-15 14:35

Product introduction: Material: FORMEX Mylar sheet, an excellent electrical insulation film product extruded with polyethylene as the raw material.

Product characteristics: It has low water absorption, low shrinkage, temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties. It is the most cost-effective insulation sheet to replace PVC highland barley paper and other insulation sheets.

Product application: It is a kind of insulating film with a very wide range of applications, so it has many different names: Mylar, PET, MYLAR, FILM, polyester film... There are transparent, translucent and milky white for customers to choose.

Product use: Due to its outstanding insulation strength and excellent processability. It is widely used in power supplies, motors, cables, and suitable for electrical, magnetic disks, BUS BARR, keyboards, TVs/monitors, computer substrates, and office equipment. First choice for manufacturing industries such as food machines, fax machines, typewriters, copiers, washing machines, air conditioners, DVDs, and automobile motors.