Tell the main content of the shading ring product


2023-02-15 14:35

1. Our company guarantees product quality with stable, high-quality raw material purchase channels for the light-shielding ring, advanced production technology, strong technical force configuration and advanced production equipment light-shielding ring.

2. Sample production: A sample production team will be equipped, which will be completed within three working days, and samples can be produced within 24 hours if expedited.

3. Our company has a strong technical force (8 senior R&D engineers, 16 engineers, and 20 technicians) and advanced production equipment shading rings to ensure punctual delivery. ISO system management, absolute guarantee of quality and delivery.

4. Delivery method: 24-hour uninterrupted delivery (equipped with 5 trucks) in a safe, beautiful, and environmentally-friendly packaging method. If you need express delivery, it can reach any industrial city in China within 48 hours. Cooperate with our company. The company is a well-known domestic brand SF Express.

5. After-sales service: The customer raises a quality objection to our shading ring. The company will make a handling opinion within 12 hours after receiving the objection from the customer. If it needs to be solved on-site, professional technical personnel and quality personnel will be dispatched to achieve quality If the problem is not resolved, the service staff will not leave, and our company will archive the quality problems and treatment results of the etching products that customers feedback.