The shading ring needs to be flat


2023-02-15 14:35

When various types of materials of SOMA/KIMOTO are rolled up after finishing the coating process, the outer part of the material will be subjected to an outward pull load, while the inner part of the material will be subjected to a compressive load every day, so the material will have different strokes. Volume phenomenon. However, in some engineering applications, the rolling phenomenon is unacceptable, such as SHUTTER in DSC/CCTV. Please introduce a material leveling method for customers' reference.

When the material is a sheet

1. Put the rolled part of the material down on the flat plate, and heat it to 40-60 degrees with a hot air dryer for 1-3 days. 25XS1B/25X1BST and other thin materials use a low temperature of about 40 degrees, and thick materials use high

The temperature is about 65 degrees for heating.

2. For materials that are heavily rolled, roll the rolled part outwards and roll it on a paper tube of about 6 inches to heat for 30 minutes. The temperature is controlled at 80 degrees. In this case, it is best to use about 50 sheets.

When the material is coil

The entire coil is heated with a hot air dryer for several hours to 24 hours, and thin materials such as 25 and 38 are heated at 30 to 40 degrees.

75 188 and other thick materials are heated at 50 to 60 degrees. Coil material is different from sheet material, if high temperature treatment will cause material deformation, we must pay attention to temperature control.

The above method should not be heated at high temperature for a long time. When the heating is completed, the material should be taken out after cooling in the furnace, that is, it will be cooled with the furnace. If the rapid cooling is performed, the effect of correcting the rolling will be lost, and the material will appear wave The same shape.